February 4, 2023

The ability to pin a Snapchat thread ensures that you’ll always have quick access to the discussion in question. But what should you do if you can’t find someone on Snapchat? We cannot stress enough how many options appear inside the Snapchat app. Using Snapchat, you can view your pals on a digital world map and apply amusing augmented reality filters and effects. Similarly to Videos, you may stream videos.


Snapchat has quickly become a widely used messaging app. Why this is the case should be obvious. You can quickly access your Snapchat messages with a home screen swipe by pin. However, there are several upsides to using a texting service. Create a group conversation, share high-resolution images, and talk for no cost.


In addition, you may have fun playing games with one another. If your loved ones are more likely to use Snapchat than WhatsApp, Telegram, or Facebook Messenger, you could find that this is your go-to messaging app.

Snap’s messaging function is similar to other applications in that it allows you to “pin” certain messages. Snapchat makes it simple to track down a specific user. You may access the Chat section of Snapchat by launching the app. The chat may be saved by using the “Chat Settings” button while it is active.

To indicate a conversation, a pin will be shown next to it. Because it will always be at the top of your chat list, it’s always within easy reach. But what if you need to unpin someone? Pinning someone down is simple, but unpinning them is more difficult.

The Best Way to Snapchat “Pin” Someone!

Snapchat’s pinning feature is now only accessible on iOS devices. Users of the Android operating system are unable to use this function. However, they may “pin” contact to the top of their Android screen. Here, we’ll examine:

  • How to Pin Someone on Snapchat on iOS Devices?
  • Putting a Pin in Someone on Snapchat for Android Devices.

How to Pin Someone on Snapchat on Ios Devices?


On iOS, Snapchatters may pin a conversation by opening the Snapchat messenger, tapping and holding the desired chat, and then choosing the “Pin Conversation” option.

If you own an iOS device, here’s how you “pin” a friend on Snapchat:

The first step in Snapchat pinning on iOS devices is to open the Snapchat mobile app. Once you’ve launched Snapchat and logged in, you may use Snapchat’s messaging feature.

If I wanted to keep “Ankit Vora” at the top of my Snapchat conversation, I could do so by pinning his name there. As a result, I will choose “Ankit Vora’s” conversation and hold down the mouse button. After that, I’ll be able to choose from the following possibilities:

  • Friendship Management
  • Arrangements for Conversation
  • Contexts of Stories
  • Protection Options
  • Share Your Profile With
  • Make some adjustments to the chat by selecting “Settings.”

When you go to the “Chat Settings” menu, you can do things like:

  • Remove from Chat History
  • Conversational Pins
  • Remove Conversations
  • Be informed of new messages.
  • Notifications for Games and Mini-Games
  • Select “Pin Discussion” to bookmark that user’s Snapchat conversation.

How to Snapchat “Pin” Someone on Android Devices

Snapchat's Snap Inc.

On Android smartphones, Snapchat does not support the “pin” feature. Snapchat has yet to provide this function on Android devices. You may stick that chat out by pinning it to your main screen. To do this, follow these guidelines:

If you haven’t already, open Snapchat and sign in to your account. When that time comes, visit the Snapchat messaging app. If I want to save a discussion with Skin Patna to my home screen, I will tap and hold on to the conversation.

While doing so, I found the following possibilities:

  • Snap
  • Chat
  • Conversational Sound
  • A Video Chat
  • Fix Icon to Start Screen
  • More
  • Deliver Your Profile To

To permanently add a shortcut to that person’s chat window on your home screen, use the “Pin Shortcut to Home Screen” button. I did the same thing, and now Skin Patna’s conversation is permanently shown on my app’s main screen.