February 4, 2023
how to choose the perfect lip color

Don’t know what lipstick to wear tonight? Can’t match the right shade to your dress, skin tone or the occasion? We can definitely help you choose the perfect lip color as lipstick can make your look or break it.


choosing the perfect lip color


Even if you don’t know how to do your whole makeup look, you’ll know how to apply a lipstick. But amongst so many different and appealing shades, choosing the right one for yourself can be quite confusing. You’ll always want to stand out and not wear something bland from your lipstick palette. Here are some tips that can help you get the most exquisite lip color for yourself.


1. Determine your Skin Tone


First you have to examine what skin tone category you fall in. There are five types of complexions; fair, tan, light, medium and deep. Lip color shades that will look good with your fair skin are pink, coral, nude and all the dusty red colors. Whereas berry, cherry red or mauve shades will definitely stand out with you medium complexion. And when we talk about lip color for dark skin, you should go for anything like dark red, deep pink shades except for brown shades.


how to choose the perfect lip color


2. Determine your Skin undertone

When you are choosing a lip color, there are three types of skin undertones; warm, cool and neutral. The best way to figuring it out is by looking at the veins at your wrist. If they are green, you have a warm undertone and if they are blue, you have a cool undertone. But if you have both green and blue veins, then voila! You are neutral.


3. Lip size and shape


Want to flatter everyone with that gorgeous lip? Don’t look over the shape of your lips. If you have plumper and fuller lips then avoid lip shades that are too light, try matte finish lips. If you have thinner lips then never go for a dark lip color, as it will only make your lip shape look thinner and try glosses, shimmery lipsticks.


lip size


4. Color of your Eye


At times, your eye color can play a vital role in determining the best lip shade for you. Natural lip colors go very well with grey eyes, women with brown eyes should prefer to apply bright reds, browns and light pinks. Similarly, different shades of scarlet or cherry colors go all along with blue eyes.


These factors will definitely help you choose the perfect lip color for you. But if you are still confused about it then have a look at your dress as well. The color of your lipstick should very well compliment your dress for you to shine out amongst all others. Women usually prefer a bold lip color with red dress, but it may not look good on all. At times neutral shades are a safe and perfect choice.


lip color with red dress

Now, whenever you are deciding between lip shades, think of all these tips and your look will turn out amazing. Whether you have any make up on or not, these few ways of choosing the perfect lip color will be quite thoughtful.