February 4, 2023
Elon musk

Elon Musk Finally makes the big purchase


Finally, the richest man alive has made the big purchase we had all been waiting for. Billionaire Elon Musk purchased twitter on the 27th of October and he’s already started to make some drastic changes. Now let’s take a trip down memory lane. 6 months ago the Billionaire had created quite some buzz back in April about buying agreeing on a 44 billion dollar deal to buy Twitter. But since he has repeatedly tried to wriggle out of the deal as tech stocks plummeted. Now out of nowhere there’s breaking news of him finally becoming the owner of the world’s most influential news platform closing in on the agreed 44 billion dollar deal. It is safe to say, Elon Musk finally makes the big purchase.


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What does Elon Plan to do?


Now Elon has been a busy bee since he’s become the owner. Soon after the deal closed in, he made extremely controversial decisions. Elon has already terminated at least 4 Twitter executives, including the chief executive and the financial officer. So the billionaire has been “cleaning the house”. There’s no doubt there is about to be a lawsuit on these terminations but Musk does claim they were fired “for cause” but this cause is still yet unknown.


Mr. Musk is a self-described “Free speech absolutist” and he’s made sure that he wants to apply his thinking to the app as well. He has claimed that he wants to make the social media platform a freewheeling place for all types of commentary. And that he would also reverse the permanent ban on former U.S president Donald J. Trump. This approach of Mr. Musk could aggravate issues of toxic content and misinformation. On top of that, it will highly affect politics all around the world.


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Furthermore, Mr. Musk has promised many changes for the employees as well including new job cuts, leadership jobs, and new ways to make money. Twitter before has also had difficulties growing its advertising and successfully attracting new users. Another goal of the billionaire is to improve this issue and move along swiftly. Maybe the firings of the executives were a sign of this.


Lastly, Now Twitter is a privately owned company. Mr. Musk will be remaking the whole app without having to disclose anything to the general public for months. And he does not intend to answer anything to the shareholders or the public eye. It has just been a few weeks since he bought Twitter. But it honestly feels like there had been work going on for months looking at the changes and there are many more to come.


Changes incoming


To be very clear, there haven’t been many drastic changes to the app’s interface but there are a few plus some interesting changes to the policies as well. Firstly, one of the first change Musk has brought is now having to buy your verification on Twitter for 8$. Which now means anyone can now be verified on Twitter no matter how many followers they have. Users who were previously verified have been sent reminders to pay for their verification in 8 days or their check sign will disappear.


Now for a few of the big changes that we are about to see. Recently the owner tweeted to his followers with a poll saying “Bring Vine back?” . And within 5 days 5 million people had responded with 70% responding “yes”. Now reports have emerged that he immediately ordered developers to get to work. So we may soon be seeing a reboot of Vine, the short video platform which could as well compete with TikTok.


elon musk makes the big purchase


Finally, the last of the changes that we know, for now, that is. That twitter could be introducing a paywalled video feature that would let creators charge their viewers to watch their content. Again developers are hard at work and we soon could be getting a software update to Twitter that could change the app completely.


Still what is incoming remains a mystery. The big purchase by Elon Musk has met with a lot of controversial debates and we still don’t know what the madman is planning. But it is safe to say we are in store for something great in the hands of Elon Musk. Soon who knows twitter could be an entirely different app. The possibilities are endless but the curious mind does get excited.